Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The delights of Karmic Koala

I've just had a nightmare. A large server, built using the server edition of Ubuntu 9.10, out of the box. Actually, I built two, using drbd and heartbeat. They worked nicely on the bench - did an apt-get update/upgrade, shut them down, mounted them in the rack --- and drbd refused to start. Probably something in the upgrade.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, removed drbd, down to one server. Well, ok...except that samba didn't work. The server could be connected to by IP address, but it never managed to get it's name in the WINS server we use.

After a lot of fiddling, I upgraded from 3.4.0 (the 9.10 version) to 3.4.3, building it from scratch, following Jeremy's excellent notes on

My first stab at this worked perfectly, and is now in heavy use.

I then repeated the procedure on the identical twin machine. This builds without error, and installs without error. It even starts without error. But no-one can connect to it.

The samba log file just shows

smbd_open_once_socket: open_socket_in: Address already in use

There are a number of blog posts mentioning this problem in conjunction with upgrades on 9.10

I purged the install, removing all the config and .TDB files. Exactly the same, Built it with and without LDAP.

If anyone has any inklings on this I would be very interested. My faith in the quality control here is lower than it was...